Press releases of ABUTA: Archive

  1. ABUTA JU Local Chapter is against such behavior of the central minister with Vice-Chancellor and also against the activity of the Chancellor to rescue the central minister.
  2. ABUTA is anxious that the State Govt. just failed to protect doctors from attacks by criminals at a hospital and medical college. The Govt. should be responsible for protecting all the people of the state including doctors.
  3. ABUTA is anxious that the current educational principles will degrade the creativity in the domain of knowledge.
  4. ABUTA demands 1) to remove the wine shops near by any university in West Bengal, 2) each university has to stop the entrance of narcotic substances in the university campus area. The Governor of West Bengal advised the State Govt. to take necessary actions in this regard..
  5. ABUTA requests the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor to take a corrective measure to protect the academic consistency of the university..
  6. ABUTA is against any kind of destructive activity and always condemns such destruction of public property.
  7. ABUTA is highly anxious about the Present Education Policy of India Government.
  8. The Honourable Vice-Chancellor has met the members on the spot and assured that all the demands will be fulfilled at the earliest.
  9. ABUTA expressed his sincere comments against the humiliation of teachers by the Education Policy of Central and State Governments toward press release.
  10. ABUTA strongly condemns the police atrocity on JNU students protestng on March 23, 2018 against the UGC Graded Autonomy for 62 universites and colleges.
  11. AUTONOMY LOST!!! ABUTA submmitted the feedback/comments/suggestions on the Regulations for Graded Autonomy to Central and State aided universities – 2018 (vide Ref. No. F. 1-1/2017(Secy), dated June 02, 2017)